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What People are Saying About Victory Day

"My son Noah was partnered with a wonderful THS senior named Harrison.

We were so impressed by him, he made the day so special working with Noah. He spoke to us after the event and told us that this "game" was the most important game of the season for him. He has participated in all 4 years of Victory Day. Aaron, your plan is working! The young men are developing the character assets you strived for!Needless to say, we were quite impressed and pleased to meet him. I encouraged him to come back in following years once he graduates to support the program! Thank you from Noah, myself and our family for making this possible!" - Laurie Dixon



"This year was my son Jonathan's 1st time participating in the Victory day event. He is 18 years old and has Down syndrome. He absolutely loved it! All of it! What an outstanding display of; planning, organization, preparation, community support, and commiment for our special needs kids. Thank you Aaron, and all of the students, athletes, cheerleaders, band members, and parents that volunteer their time, patience, and understanding to let us special needs parents see our kids be victorious. This was definitely another "Shay day" for us all! Thank You from the bottom of my heart. Keep up the great work, and I hope the Trenton football season goes as well as victory day!" - Sincerely, John J. Gentis



"This Victory Day 2013 was our first experience with this special event. It was more than I even imagined it would be. My son, Kevin, is non verbal but anticipated the day by kicking his foot to let me know he meant football. It was such an emotional, exciting experience and I will be forever grateful to Coach Segedi and all those that came together to make many dreams come true. I will come year after year whether or not Kevin is partaking. It was such a positive, feel good day!! Thanks from Kevin and our family for your kindness."

- Ruth Rose



"To say thank you, just doesn't seem to be enough. This was our first year for gage(2013)to be apart of this. I pray that he will get another chance be apart of something that is so amazing. Gage's mentor Jake Knaggs was wonderful with Gage. Watching him out on the field was such a blessing to our family. As the mom said we all have dreams for our children and sometimes the dream has to change, But the love and excitement is always there when you see your child smile. May God bless all of you." -  The Keathley's



"Trenton Victory Day 2012 was another wonderful event. Every year gets better and better! This was the first year that our son Jake Gilstorf #30 was really engaged in the activities. I want to thank Jake's Victory Day Mentor #60 Justin Chaplin. He did a wonderful job with our son during the event. Thank you Aaron Segedi for your dedication to our kids. You are a true inspiration to all of us. I hope this event continues to grow in our community and across this nation. It means the world to the parents to give our children this opportunity too." - Mark and Amy Gilstorf, Parents of Jake Gilstorf



"Thank you so much for doing what you do! This was my little sisters second year and she loved it even more then last year. It is so uch fun watching all the kids have so much fun. And a big thank you to all the high school cheerleaders and football players who participate in this event :)"



"My son Noah has participated in all 3 Victory Day events. He looks forward all year to his "touchdown" and practices throughout the year. As a mother, this event provides such a special celebration of what he can accomplish when given the chance! I appreciate the work, dedication and love that Coach Segedi and all the volunteers give to this project. It is truly a special day for all! Thank you!"

"Our son Nicholas participated in Victory Day for the first time this year. He had a fabulous time and we really enjoyed watching him take part in the activities. Nicholas' mentor John was the perfect "buddy" for him. Nicholas was sad to see the day end and has asked several times if he can go back and play football on Saturday. Aaron, thank you so much for organizing this event. We hope that Nicholas can participate again next year."

"I wanted to personally thank you for the joy that you have given to my son Bobby and to my entire family. Bobby wears his medal with pride and shows everyone that will look his way. He is so looking forward to doing it again, it is actually hard for me to explain that he has to wait until next year"

"My son Jeffrey has been at the past two Victory Day celebrations. He has enjoyed the experience and looks forward to it each year. He does not talk, but he knows when Victory Day is coming on the calendar and points to the day so he can go and be on the field. Thanks again for making Victory Day memorable."